About Cloud Industry Data

Cloud Industry Data provides the most actionable, up to date, and cost effective insights on the cloud computing industry. We help you plan your next moves in the rapidly evolving cloud space and get alignment internally on your strategy.

Our perspective

Here to help you navigate the complexity of the cloud computing business landscape.

Contrarian when appropriate
We take positions that others may not if we think the industry is going to evolve.

Working at the intersection of business and technology
Rather than analysis for investors or technology managers, we focus on business decision-makers and the strategic information they need.

Nimble enough to address your changing needs
We can customize our research to meet your specific needs. Let’s talk.

We focus entirely on cloud computing, as opposed to covering the breadth of technology.

Who we are.

Cloud Industry Data is an early stage company, and I am entirely focused on making sure our data, analysis, and services help you accomplish your business goals. Unlike bigger companies, at Cloud Industry Data you will always get the attention of the founder directly.


With 25 years of experience in business and technology consulting and cloud-enabled product management, Greg brings his expertise in market analysis, benchmarking, and the business implications of technology to the cloud computing space. His previous clients and partners include Google, Microsoft, Intel, Marqeta, Yahoo, Pivotal Software, Marqeta, and Nielsen. Cloud Industry Data provides insightful syndicated market analysis as well as custom data and analysis and consulting services.